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COM 360 Final Project-Brian Szubrych

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Cubs atop favorites on Bradley campus

The Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago White Sox are the top three favorite baseball teams of students on the Bradley University campus. Students from out-of-state show some love for their favorites, but they prove to be no match compared to “The Big Three” major Midwest markets.

To make the pie chart more interactive I could have made the separate pieces of the chart pop out and include how many fans can attend a home game at their home stadiums, where their stadiums are located, the team’s average attendance and some photos of their stadium and logos. I could also have a pop-out that could include quotes from some of the students that I interviewed telling why they are fans of a particular team, which would combine my main story with this chart.


How Has Call Of Duty Affected Marriage In The US?

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Since it’s release on November 10, 2009, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has gone on to shatter sales records and over 12 million copies of the game have been purchased for multiple gaming systems.

However, the 12 million copies sold of the 2009 Video Game of the Year are 12 million reasons of concern for women whose husbands play the video game.  The addictive nature of the online multiplayer games have husbands spending more time online and less time with their significant other straining many relationships.

Just how big of a rift in marriage has been caused by this video game?  This graph predicts the damage done.

The zombie apocalypse and you: What are you up against?

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Want some advice on what you’ll be fighting and how to fight it when worst comes to worst? Check out our slideshow below!


Relay for Life Team Captain Timeline

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Relay Timeline

This is a timeline of the steps that Relay for Life Team Captains should follow as they prepare for the event.
When their mouse scrolls over each heading, a box will appear with a short checklist of items that the captains should use as guidelines. Visitors can also click on a specific heading to get more details. The check lists for each shortlist box are as follows:
• Start recruiting a team. (10-15 members)
• If you get too many members, start a second team!
• Make sure team members have signed up.
• Secure your registration fee.
• Encourage teammates to begin fundraising.
Attend Meetings
• Connect with other team captains.
• Learn about this year’s event and what your team can do to help.
• Hold team fundraising events.
• Check with your company for matching gift donations.
• Coordinate a schedule of walkers and runners. (At least one member of the team must be on the track at all times.)
Week Before Relay
• Make sure team members have all the information they need.
• Turn in all remaining paperwork.
• Remind each team member about their scheduled times on the track.
At Relay
• Collect money not previously turned in.
• Register for next year.
• Have fun!

Brian Hyken Timeline

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Hitting the Long Ball: How have driving distances changed on Tour?

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As a result of new technologies and training programs, the game of golf has changed considerably since 1980.  This graphic, which represents hole No. 2 at Torrey Pines, puts into perspective one of those changes — driving distance.

The yellow path above represents the average PGA Tour driving distance in 1980 (256 yards), while the blue path represents last year’s average (280 yards).  The pink path shows the average drive of last year’s PGA Tour driving leader, Bubba Watson.

To compare the big-hitting results of the pros to your own game, the orange path shows the driving average of the common, everyday golfer (195 yards).

Matt Russ Graphic

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Mid-Major At-Large Bids in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

5 Steps to Landing a Job

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Res Life Takes a Look at Potential ARA Candidates -Jeff De Chavez

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Adam Bockler: Marijuana Use Among Students

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graph of marijuana use among high school students in 2005

About one in five high school seniors admitted to smoking marijuana at least once over a 30-day period in 2005.

This is about a 30 percent increase from high school freshman in the same time span, according to an analysis of data from the 2007 Indicators of School Crime and Safety report.

Check out Adam’s portfolio!