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COM 360 Final Project-Ryan Widick

Posted in Uncategorized by com360bu on May 5, 2010

Hard work finally pays off for Bradley walk-on

Luke Wasylik, sophomore at Bradley University, has worked hard his entire life when it comes to soccer. Off season training and a good work ethic are some characteristics that set him apart from other athletes. This fall, Wasylik, will finally make his dream come true by suiting up for the Bradley men’s soccer team, earning a spot on the roster.

This graphic is interactive to all readers in that it allows you to learn more about Luke Wasylik. If you want to hear what his favorite song is, click on the listen link. To listen to Luke’s full story about his first soccer memory, then click on the read link. And if you want to know why Kaka is Luke’s favorite athlete then click on the watch link. All these links are strategically placed in here because it gives the audience a chance to get to know the new Bradley walk-on a little better. You can also click on the arrow in the bottom right hand side if you want to see more childhood pictures of Luke.


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