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Posted in Uncategorized by com360bu on May 10, 2010

5 Things to do When Considering Pet Adoption

Adding a member to the family can be stressful and difficult so Angela Blackman, the Executive Director at Tazwell Animal Protective Society, suggests that people looking to adopt a pet need to assess their income levels and lifestyles honestly, do their homework when researching breeds, selecting a pet that works with their family and lifestyle, recognize the time commitment they will have to make to their pet and to be realistic when adopting.

YouTube Link:

Online Extra

Checklist Calculator that adds up the cost of adopting a pet

ü  Adoption Fee (1 time)

ü  Neutering (1 time)

ü  Kennel (1 time)

ü  Shots Needed (yearly)

ü  Food (1 years worth)

ü  Babysitting when out of town (insert approximate number of days per year)

ü  Vet check-ups (yearly)

ü  Training classes (1 time)

The calculator will produce two costs.  One will be an a cost of adopting a pet the first year, and the second will be the amount of money spent in subsequent years (if the pet remains healthy.


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