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Shawn Bates- Scream Franchise Timeline

Posted in Uncategorized by com360bu on April 13, 2011

This a time-line for the Scream franchise. With proper interactive additions the time-line would be able to direct the viewer to different links once they clicked on each date. When the viewer scrolled his or her mouse over a date a small caption would pop up and briefly describe what each date represents. Then, upon clicking, the viewer may be directed towards another link. For example, when the viewer clicked on the “Arquette and Cox Married (1999)” segment, they will be directed towards a website with details and pictures of the wedding.

When a viewer clicks on: Scream (1996), Scream 2 (1997), Scream 3 (2000), and Scream 4 (2011), he or she will be directed to each film’s trailer.

For all of the “Box Office Success and Reviews” links, all of the opening week and overall box office success will be in the caption description that pops up. When clicked it will take the viewer to the (online reviewing website) page for each individual movie.

Because there were some controversies that surrounded the fourth film, the three other sources that can be selected to take the viewer to an online article about each subject. There is a good article on the controversies between the representatives at Dimension films and writer Kevin Williamson on Entertainment Weekly’s website.

Finally, the nose of the mask will be accessible and will take the viewer to a Google Map of Peoria, IL, that shows Peoria’s movie theaters and the times for Scream 4 during the opening weekend. There is also a video on students showing their excitement for the film in the map.


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