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Kate Allt — Timeline of the 2012 London Olympics

Posted in Uncategorized by com360bu on April 13, 2011

The timeline tracking the process leading up to the 2012 London Olympics would be multi-faceted and with many examples of multimedia. Each date has a brief caption of explaining the significance of the event, but each date would also be clickable and produce further information.

-July 15, 2003 was the deadline for cities to submit their bids. London was one of nine cities that entered, and clicking on this event would produce a list of the other cities, along with their pictures, basic information and a list of pros/cons for being an Olympic city.

-The International Olympic Committee released technical scores for the cities on May 18, 2004. Clicking on this date will show the scores for each citiy, along with pictures of the remaining candidate cities; London, Madrid, Moscow, New York and Paris.

– The Olympic Committee visited each of the five finalist cities in February and March 2005. This part of the timeline will include pictures from the visits and list significant events/facts. For example, Paris struggled with strikes and demonstrations during their visit.

-The IOC released their evaluation reports on June 6, 2005. Clicking this date will produce PDF files of the reports.

-The final city selection was made on July 6, 2005. Links on this date will show video from the selection ceremony in Singapore and also video and pictures from the celebration in London’s Trafalgar Square.

-The London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games met for the first time on October 7, 2005. The committee soon released a rough initial plan for the preparation and construction for the Games. That timeline would be shown here.

-The official logo for the Olympic Games was revealed on June 4, 2007. Clicking on this date will show the development of the logo through sketches, from the initial ideas to the final product.  It will also link to several sites that go into further depth about its artist, cost and meaning.

-Construction on the Olympic Stadium began on May 22, 2008. Clicking this date will bring up building plans and pictures that show the progress of the construction. It will also link to an interactive page where you can virtually walk through how the Stadium will look once completed.

-On August 24, 2008 Beijing handed the Olympic Flag to the new host city of London. Clicking this date will reveal a video of the ceremony.

-Tickets for the Games are listed for sale from March 15-April 26, 2011. Clicking this date will show a list of the events, their dates, locations and prices. It will also link to where one can buy tickets (if still applicable).

-July 27, 2012 will be the Opening Ceremony. This part of the timeline will show plans and sketches for the ceremony, as well as information on performances and shows (if available).

-Similar information will be available for August 12, 2012, the date of the Closing Ceremony.


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