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Ben Clark History of the Cubs logo

Posted in Uncategorized by com360bu on April 14, 2011

This is an illustrated timeline showing the different logos the Chicago Cubs have had in their existence. The Cubs are a very storied franchise, that has been around for a very long time. For each of the logos, there will be an interactive component where you can click on the logos and it will pull up information such as notable players during that time, big events that the team had, and their total record during those logos. Each logo would say the following:

1) 1903-1905: During this time the Chicago Cubs began to form what would become one of the best teams in baseball.  1903 marks the year that the three All-Star infielders, Joe Tinker at shortstop, Johnny Evers at second base, and Frank Chance at first base began to play together. Charles Murphy purchased the Cubs in 1905. The Cubs had an overall record of 267-177 during these years.

2)1906-1907: 1906 was the winningest year in Chicago Cubs history.  In fact is was the best single season record for any major league team in the modern era at 116-36, only to be tied by the Seattle Mariners in 2001.  Despite such a great season the cubs lost the Crosstown Classic to the Chicago White Sox that year.  In 1907 the Cubs continued their success, with a 107-45 record, all the way to the World Series where they beat the Detroit Tigers to claim their first national title.

3)1908-1915: Once again the Cubs claimed the national pennant in 1908, defeating the Tigers for a second consecutive year. The following years were not as successful, beginning with Johnny Kling sitting out nearly the entire 1909 season to play billiards.  Many notable trades were made during this time including the breakup of the All-Star infield trio ending in 1913. The overall record during these years was 729-496.

4)1916-1917: In 1916 Albert Lasker and his partner Charles Phelps Taft gained the majority share of the Chicago Cubs.  The team was moved to Weeghman park where they had an overall record of 141-166.

5)1918: This season was shorted due to the war.  However the Cubs took full advantage and had a successful season with a 84-45 record.  The Cubs also are remembered for playing a role in the famous “Curse of the Bambino” during this year.

6) 1919-1926: During this time the ownership of the Cubs transitioned to William Wrigley Jr in 1921.  In order to gain more publicity for his chewing gum corporation, the home field’s name was changed to Wrigley Field in 1925, creating one of the most iconic locations in Chicago.  The Cub’s overall record for this time was 526-608.

7) 1927-1936: Some of the notable players during this era were Hack Wilson, Gabby Hartnett and Billy Herman.  These players helped lead the Cubs to some extremely successful seasons within the National League with an overall record of 987-569.  The Cubs always seemed to fall short against American League teams during the postseason.

8.) 1937-1940: These years continued to be successful for the Cubs.  The 1938 season was led by the pitching of Dizzy Dean, who took the team to the World Series where they would fall to the New York Yankees.  During these years the Cubs had a 341-273 record.

9) 1941-1956: The Cubs began this era with many post season appearances.  In 1942 the first alternate logo was revealed, a brown cub with a yellow background.  In 1945 the franchise experienced what is now known as “The Curse of the Billy Goat.” The Cubs lost the series that year and have not returned to the playoffs since.  The overall record for 1941-1956 was 1125-1335.

10) 1957-1978: The time of this logo began with the end of the darkest years for the Cubs.  Despite some of the worst season records by the franchise, some notable players were on the field during this time including shortstop Ernie Banks.  In the mid 60’s things began to turn around with two winning seasons in 1967 and 1968.  During this time one of the most popular alternate logos was used, a dark blue and brown face of a cub.  The team’s overall record during these years was 2111-1867.

11) 1979-Present: Since 1979 the cubs have seen many ups and downs from season to season.  Some very famous players have called Wrigley Field home, including Andre Dawson, Sammy Sosa and Derrek Lee.  Wrigley Field has become one of the most treasured ballparks in baseball, and the Cubs have gained recognition as an very historic team.  The Chicago Cubs have had a  2436-2614 record since the beginning of the 1979 season.


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  1. Jamie Lynn said,

    “The Cubs lost the series that year and have not returned to the playoffs since.”

    It’s time to update you page, man.

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