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Jake Eastman-Bradley Basketball Coaches Timeline

Posted in Uncategorized by com360bu on April 14, 2011

You would click the bar next to each coach and it would pop up with his picture and his record and also some facts about each one.

Fred Brown-He was Bradley’s first paid coach.

Harold Olsen-Also was the head coach at Ohio State University and Northwestern University

Bill Allen-Did not even coach for a full year.  Interim head coach.

AJ Robertson-Known as the “Father of Bradley Athletics.”  In the MVC Hall of Fame.  Was also the head football coach.  Winningest coach in Bradley Basketball history.  Robertson Memorial Fieldhouse was named in his honor.

Forddy Anderson-Also coached at Drake and Michigan State.  Led team to the NCAA Tournament finals where they lost to LaSalle.  In the Greater Peoria Sports Hall of Fame.

Bob Vanatta-Also coached at Memphis.  His team at Memphis played Bradley in the NIT finals the year after Vanatta left Bradley.

Chuck Orsborn-Has an award named after him at Bradley.  Has the best winning percentage of any Bradley coach and is in the top 10 nationally.  Won three NIT titles.

Joe Stowell-Went to Bradley and was on the basketball team when he was in college.  Also coached the Bradley women’s basketball team for two years.  Was a radio broadcaster for Bradley games until 2010.

Dick Versace-First Puerto Rican ever to coach an NBA team.  Coached NBA players Hersey Hawkins and Jim Les.  Was the head coach for the Indiana Pacers for two years.

Stan Albeck-Went to Bradley.  Has coached many NBA and ABA teams.  Suffered a stroke in 2001 and is still in rehabilitation.

Jim Molinari-Currently is the head coach at Western Illinois University.  Was also an NBA scout.

Jim Les-Went to Bradley. Played in the NBA.  Coached in the WNBA before Bradley.  Led the Braves to a Sweet 16 appearance.

Geno Ford-Came to Bradley from Kent State University.  Scored more points in high school than LeBron James.  Played at Ohio University.


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