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Ben Clark – Is summer finally here?

Posted in Uncategorized by com360bu on May 10, 2011

Bradley University students are finishing up the school year and getting ready for summer. Packing up to head home, they have many different plans and aspirations for the coming months.  Some will be interning, others working and some just spending time catching up on sleep and relaxing. Many students go home, but there will also be many sticking around the Peoria area. An interactive calendar of events showing what’s going on around Peoria this summer has also been created for anyone who will be staying in the area or just visiting at some point during the summer break.

A Summer of hard work


            Most college students look at summer as a time to kick back and relax. Classes are over, the weather’s warm, and most expenses go way down because they’re back home. This won’t be true for Emily Wolffe this summer, who will be headed to Columbus, Neb. for an internship. She is a junior from Germantown Hills, Ill.

With a summer full of events for her, the big highlight is spending 10 weeks working for ADM as part of an internship she got as a Mechanical Engineering student. ADM (Archer Daniels Midland) is a worldwide company that specializes in agricultural processing.

“Getting career related experience is really important,” Wolffe said. “I will be working in a corn processing facility doing energy analysis as well as some other small projects.”

Internships are a high priority on a lot of college students lists, seeing as they submerge them into real life situations while they are still learning to give a greater understanding of the field. They are also a great way to test and reinforce what students have learned in school in a low risk, high reward situation.

“I am really excited to be doing something that I will be able to see the results of my work,” Wolffe said. “Doing something that could potentially save the company money or make a difference is why I first got interested in engineering and I can’t wait to get started.”

Aside from being a Mechanical Engineering major, her concentration is in energy conservation and management. Bradley has an energy concentration program that she is a part of.

“When my supervisor for the summer told me that’s exactly what I would be doing at ADM for the summer I was thrilled,” she said.

This will be her first trip to Nebraska, but having grown up in a small town of she feels that she will fit in just fine.

“I am sure I will find things to do to keep busy,” Wolffe said. “The work day starts at 7 a.m. so that will take up most of my time.”

She has also debated about getting a part-time to fill in the down time and make some extra money, but she wants to wait and see how things are going to be before jumping into that.

Although her internship is the main part of her summer, it is not the only thing that she will be doing this summer. In fact, she has a full slate of events built around that internship. She leaves for her internship on May 29, and comes home Aug. 5, but before that she’ll be running in a half marathon in Indianapolis, Ind. on May 21.

“This will be my second half marathon with a couple friends,” she said.  “Running 13.1 miles may not be most people’s idea of the best way to kick-off the summer, but I love to run, so I’m really looking forward to it!”

She will also be returning home to Peoria for a couple of different weekend trips over the summer.

“I am definitely not looking forward to the eight hour drive through the middle of nowhere back and forth, but it will be nice to see my family and friends who are in the Peoria area.” Wolffe said. “I will be back in June to throw a joint baby shower for my sister and sister-in-law, and then I’ll be back again for the Fourth of July and to meet my new nephew once he is born!”

With welcoming new family members, running a half marathon, and working a ten week internship, it is needless to say, with a very exciting summer in store for her, Wolffe can’t wait to get through finals and enjoy it.

             “Hopefully I will learn a lot and get a really good career related experience this summer,” she said. “Ultimately, I hope working for ADM will help me figure out what exactly I do or don’t want to do in my career.  Having that knowledge will really guide me when applying for “real world” jobs next year!”

Calendar 1


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