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Jake Forney Com 360 Final Project

Posted in Uncategorized by com360bu on May 10, 2011

Brimfield Community High School band and choir put on a fundraiser concert. They are trying to earn money to go to Florida this summer and perform at Disney World. There was a bake sale, furniture sale (that was made by the students), and a free concert where donations were welcomed.

by Jake Forney

Brimfield High School Performing Arts

Brimfield, Il. — Brimfield Community High School has the unique honor of taking their performing arts to Orlando, Florida this summer. On Thursday May 5, a fundraiser concert was held in the Brimfield Grade School gymnasium. Both the band and the choir participated in this event.

Brimfield High School only has a total of 220 students. Between both band and chorus, over half of those students participate in the performing arts.

Another exclusive aspect to this concert was the band’s student teacher, Erich Wieger. Who just received a full-time job at local Elmwood Community High School.

Brimfield’s band director, Scott Jones gave the announcement before the final song.

“We wish Erich the best of luck. And we will being seeing him next year at the first annual battle of the bands.”

Students and parents alike enjoyed the concert. A local mother of two Brimfield chorus students said, “This is a great way for the kids to become more well-rounded in their education. And to promote creativity.”

To go alongside with the concert, there was a furniture and bake sale. This year was the first year that Brimfield High had a furniture construction class that consisted of Juniors and Seniors. They designed, built, and sold their pieces of furniture in the cafeteria during the concert.

There were four pieces on display. The items there were a table, a bench, a chest, and an entertainment stand. These pieces allowed the students to showcase their artistic creativity. And also gave them the opportunity to raise money for their trip.

Altogether, each student must raise $200 for the trip.

The band and chorus will be flying down to Orlando, FL. where they will spend the next week playing and singing at Disney World. The park is opening up to the school and allowing them free access to any of their six theme parks.

Brett Johnson, a Senior at Brimfield said, “I am excited to go to MGM [now called Disney’s Hollywood Studios] because I hear that is where the best rides are at.”

Most of the students seem excited for their trip. They will be leaving June 5 and returned 9 days later.

It’s more than just music

This video shows some of the events from the night along with parents and students feelings towards band and chorus.  It gives us a sense of why students are participating.

Fundraising Strategies

This slide-show link below shows some of the items and goodies that were being sold.  The funiture all sold for anywhere from $120 – $300+


  • Bake sale – open donation for each plate
  • Chest – $120
  • Stand – $220
  • Bench – $125
  • Table – $300+  (the bidding got postponed because they were closing the doors)

All of the furniture was built by students in the new furniture construction class.


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