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Job or no job, summer is here for Bradley students

Posted in Uncategorized by com360bu on May 10, 2011

Summer is on in full swing for Bradley University students. And whether that means lounging in the sun, studying up for a summer class or working your tail off just to make a buck, Summer is here! In the print article we explore what it’s like to be a student who finally catches a break after working for three summers in a row. In the video, we talk to some kids on campus about where they’re planning on working, and finally, in the online extra we looks at some facts and figures about what kind of a boost to the work force summer time brings! All this and more past the link!


Swimming pools, tan bodies and bikinis. These are all the things floating through Austin Wenzel’s head at the moment, as summer is just around the corner. For others though, their summers will consist of studying inside of some dreary academic building or grinding away at the 9-to-5.

Wenzel is a junior electrical engineering major at Bradley University. For the past three years he’s worked construction over the summer, and for the first time since his construction job began, he’s taking a break.

Wenzel was working for Katner construction, but without notice the business hit a wall, and before he knew it, he was out of work.

“The job died, and [the contractor] ran out of business,” Wenzel said. “I didn’t have any other connections in the construction business.”

But as horrible as losing your job sounds, it doesn’t seem to bother Wenzel too much.

“Summer sucked working construction. I did a lot of work,” Wenzel said. “Hot, hot days. I almost passed out once. I felt relieved [when the business failed.] It was a bad time.”

And when Katner construction went out of business, Wenzel suddenly found himself with a lot of free time.

For most students, summer is time to get some extra cash and play catch up on those dastardly student loans. Once again, this seems to be the least of Wenzel’s concerns.

“I have a lot of money in my bank account, and I don’t need to work,” Wenzel said. “It is well deserved.”

Wenzel said that hanging out with his family, friends, and catching up on a lot of video games are in his immediate plans, not to mention a week long fishing trip that he’s been looking forward to for two months now.

And while it may seem as though Wenzel goes through life without a care, that’s not the case at all, because when he returns for the fall semester he’ll be taking 18 credits, six more than some full-time students. Wenzel thinks that the hard work is going to pay off after graduation though.

Post graduation, Wenzel said that he’s planning on sending out his resume to as many places as he’s qualified for until he gets either a call back or an offer. He’s not being picky either, but he thinks that his resume will carry him to a job that he’ll want to take, not one that he’ll feel he has to settle for.

The only thing that’ll keep him from getting a job is the current job market, or so he believes.

“It’s fairly low right now,” Wenzel said. “You have to fight if you want one.”

And if Wenzel did have to work the summer, he wouldn’t just settle for flipping burgers at the local McDonalds. He has much higher standards than that, even as a college student.

“If I was going to work during the summer, it would have to be an electrical engineering internship,” Wenzel said. “And it would have to be paid. I refuse to work for free.”

For now though, work is the last thing on his mind. He’s ready to finish the semester and make the relaxing trip home. He’s finally ready for a real summer break.

“It’s well deserved,” Wenzel said.


In this video I explore what jobs Bradley students will be taking over the summer.


In this video I explain how my online extra works.


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