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MLB Instant Replay: Heating Up Again

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By Andrew Wasmund

It hasn’t been more then 3 weeks in to the playoffs and already their is talks about instant replay in MLB.  In last weeks ALDS game between the New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers their was what looked to be an easy call at second.  Nick Swisher threw a ball from right field to second baseman Robinson Cano to tag out a Detroit Tigers base runner.

At the time the call looked like a no brainer, the runner was tagged out well before he was even close to the bag.  The umpire making the call saw otherwise and he called the base runner safe.  Needless to say Yankees Skipper Joe Girardi was upset with the blatant miss call.  The missed call lead to a run scoring later in that inning and the Tigers ended up going on to win the game and moving on to the ALCS.



Led Zeppelin III: Redefining Sound and Album Art

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By Jason Morash 

Led Zeppelin’s genius lies in the fact that they could reinvent themselves and be high successful at it. In “Zeppelin III,” Jimmy Page and the gang showed the world for the first time that they can be quite masterful at revamping their image and sound. Page journeys through many genres-blues, country, rock-with mainly an acoustic guitar. Right when the needle is dropped on the A-side, “Immigrant Song” sets the pace for the record. It is hard rock Zeppelin of course, but the lyrics are zany and represent a viking-like fantasy. 

Some of these tracks, such as “Tangerine,” “Since I’ve Been Loving You,” and “Gallows Pole” are some of Zeppelin’s finest. But what many people forget is that the album art on this record is par excellence. (more…)

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In the process of finding blogs to read online, I stumbled across one

that I enjoyed looking through. The blog I found is called Gizmodo and it is

an interesting blog all about gadgets. Gizmodo is a blog about consumer

electronics and all different aspects of technology. I really like this blog

because every few minutes or hourly it posts a picture of a new electronic

gadget and then includes a short paragraph of what the device is. Gizmodo

is run by Gawker Media and blogs from anything including cell phones and

laptops to automobiles and science. I also like it because it is very user

friendly and it is always easy to read. Although the pieces of technology

may seem complex, the descriptions are rather easy to comprehend.


Need to get your hair cut quickly but don’t have time to go to the

shop? No problem. Now new and never been seen before: An automatic

hair cutter. An upside down bowl you place over your head will do the trick

for you. Once the bowl is placed over your head, two pairs of scissors come

out of the side and start doing the cutting for you. All you have to do is

simply tell the machine what type of haircut you wish to have and the

device will go to work in no time. Estimated time of cutting takes about 3

minutes. Definitely worth the investment!

View of the World…From My Couch

By Bob Paarlberg

There I sit on my couch.  The coffee table before me strewn with empty dishes, dirty silverware, a room mate’s half drunk cup-a-joe from Monday, a half deck of playing cards and my bowl of ramen. I’m watching the Travel Channel, one of my favorites because nothing makes me feel better when I’m sitting on a couch than watching people travel the world.  Echoes of Joe Klein’s Robison Lecture repeating in my mind, “better world citizen…better world citizen.”  I come to the resolution that, yeah, I should do that. I should travel. (more…)

A laundry list of problems: Your 2012 Dallas Cowboys.

By Danny Vernon

The Dallas Cowboys play on a different stage than any other NFL Team. They are “America’s Team.” They garner more coverage on ESPN that any NFL related entity this side of Tim Tebow. The only problem is that they have devolved into what amounts to a mediocre team that will sneak its way into the playoffs only if they are lucky. Everyone, including yours truly, gets blinded by the star on the side of those helmets. I’ve got a news flash for you, Tom Landry isn’t walking through that door. Here is the list of what’s wrong with today’s Dallas Cowboys.


The Ravens Will Find Their Way to the ‘W’

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By: Jackson Junker

When the season began for the Baltimore Ravens, it was full of promise and hope for a super bowl drive, now onto the bye week after a devastating loss to the Houston Texans this past weekend 43-13.  The Ravens are powering through injuries and family loss.  The Ravens most recently got back Terrell Suggs this past weekend after he suffered an Achilles Tendon tear in January.

The injury bug has intervened with the success of the Ravens this season.  Most notably was the recent loss of 10+ year veteran, Ray Lewis at outside linebacker.  He is a defensive monster, and scary for all offensive players both big and small in the NFL.


Bayonets, horses and binders full of women


Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Roosevelt, and John Kennedy ran presidential campaigns separated by time, differences in social issues and profound developments in communication technology.

But they all had at least two things in common:

1) They used the newest media platforms better than their opponents. Jefferson utilized newspapers, Roosevelt used the radio and Kennedy understood the power of TV as well as any politicians of his era.

2) They won.


Another NHL season down the drain

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By Ross Somerville 

In a country where the NHL ranks dead last in popularity in the 4 major sports, a lockout is by far the last thing it needed. But yet here we are again, waiting for stingy owners fighting with stingy players over money. Why? Why must this happen so often? What’s really sad is how no one in the good old U.S.A. really cares. Sure we all know that hockey is a Canadian sport, and I’m sure it’s hurting them a lot more than us, but I tell you the fans here are suffering.  (more…)

Don’t Be Hasty, Minnesota


By: Dan Bradley


If you had told me at the beginning of the year that the Vikings would be a half game out of first place in the NFC North heading into week 8, I’d say you were somewhere lost in the Sea of Confusion. I might’ve even called you crazy. The Vikings already have two more wins than they had all of last season. Sitting on 5-2, and at home Thursday night against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Vikes appear to be in good shape for the foreseeable future. They are getting outstanding performance out of Percy Harvin. Adrian Peterson has returned to form coming off an ACL/MCL injury. Christian Ponder has the sixth-highest completion percentage among QB’s, and except for last weeks performance against the Arizona Cardinals, he has performed well above anyones’ expectations. And then there’s rookie kicker Blair Walsh, whose Week 1 heroics cemented him a spot on the team for the next decade, as long as keeps up the clutch performance. The Vikings look to have things in cruise control. And they couldn’t be making a bigger mistake by doing so. (more…)

NHL Lockout 2012: The Ultimate Penalty Kill

By: Meg Ryan

The NHL lockout has taken a toll on everyone: avid hockey fans are left without a decent hockey game in English to watch on TV and the players are left to take a step back and play with minor league teams or even in other countries. But just exactly where are they playing?

For starters, Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane announced Wednesday that he has officially decided to join the Swiss National League A during this unusual off-season. Other players that are also choosing to play internationally include Bryan Bickell, who is playing for the Austrian League, and Viktor Stalberg, who plays for Sweden for the time being.


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