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The Ravens Will Find Their Way to the ‘W’

Posted in Uncategorized by com360bu on October 25, 2012
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By: Jackson Junker

When the season began for the Baltimore Ravens, it was full of promise and hope for a super bowl drive, now onto the bye week after a devastating loss to the Houston Texans this past weekend 43-13.  The Ravens are powering through injuries and family loss.  The Ravens most recently got back Terrell Suggs this past weekend after he suffered an Achilles Tendon tear in January.

The injury bug has intervened with the success of the Ravens this season.  Most notably was the recent loss of 10+ year veteran, Ray Lewis at outside linebacker.  He is a defensive monster, and scary for all offensive players both big and small in the NFL.

The idea that the Ravens have been so badly hurt by the injury bug is really diminishing to the fact of how good of a season the team is having.  They own the second best record in the AFC Conference, where last week, only two teams were above a .500 winning percentage.

These Ravens are strong minded and coach John Harbaugh has a lot of faith in his guys.  “We are 5-2,” said Harbaugh, “and this loss is a learning experience.”

Torrey Smith has also suffered a tremendous loss during the season as well.  He lost his brother the day prior to a game and played in the game.  He didn’t just play, he played tremendously.  His athletic ability has started to shine through and he has made a name for himself as a number one receiver in the NFL.

The Ravens are a great team and will find a way to get victories, because that is what the Ravens are known and that is what the Ravens have always been known for.  They will find a way to get through.   The Ravens have a stifling system and have always been able to pull through in tough situations.  These situations have made the Ravens famous, because they are a tight knit group.
John Harbaugh is a defensive leader and makes his presence known on and off the field that this is his team and they will succeed.  He has not ruled out Ray Lewis for the season.  If the Ravens are able to make the playoffs, they might have one of the best defenders back that the NFL has ever seen.

This team knows how to get the ‘W’!

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