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Posted in Uncategorized by com360bu on October 25, 2012


In the process of finding blogs to read online, I stumbled across one

that I enjoyed looking through. The blog I found is called Gizmodo and it is

an interesting blog all about gadgets. Gizmodo is a blog about consumer

electronics and all different aspects of technology. I really like this blog

because every few minutes or hourly it posts a picture of a new electronic

gadget and then includes a short paragraph of what the device is. Gizmodo

is run by Gawker Media and blogs from anything including cell phones and

laptops to automobiles and science. I also like it because it is very user

friendly and it is always easy to read. Although the pieces of technology

may seem complex, the descriptions are rather easy to comprehend.


Need to get your hair cut quickly but don’t have time to go to the

shop? No problem. Now new and never been seen before: An automatic

hair cutter. An upside down bowl you place over your head will do the trick

for you. Once the bowl is placed over your head, two pairs of scissors come

out of the side and start doing the cutting for you. All you have to do is

simply tell the machine what type of haircut you wish to have and the

device will go to work in no time. Estimated time of cutting takes about 3

minutes. Definitely worth the investment!


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