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Another NHL season down the drain

Posted in Uncategorized by com360bu on October 25, 2012
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By Ross Somerville 

In a country where the NHL ranks dead last in popularity in the 4 major sports, a lockout is by far the last thing it needed. But yet here we are again, waiting for stingy owners fighting with stingy players over money. Why? Why must this happen so often? What’s really sad is how no one in the good old U.S.A. really cares. Sure we all know that hockey is a Canadian sport, and I’m sure it’s hurting them a lot more than us, but I tell you the fans here are suffering.


But on a more serious note, this has got to stop happening. It not only affects the fans, it affects the teams and there employees. Many of these teams are laying off front office people, janitors, equipment managers, and so on. 

The only good that is coming out of this lockout, THE ONLY THING, is that NCAA hockey and the AHL are gaining profit because some fans do need their fix of hockey. 

After the lockout of 2004 cancelled the entire season, a lot of hockey fans gave up on the sport. In 2011 fans were finally starting to come back and really get into the games. The attendance was starting to spike back up and interest from NBC and other networks were picking up on games. But now, we go right back to where we were. The NHL has to start over, and regain those fans and regain their trust. 

I wanna go back to when I said that the NHL is the least popular sport in the U.S.

In that story, in the top 50 sporting events watched in 2012, not a single NHL game is in the top 50. None of the Stanley Cup games, not the All-Star game, nothing that was hockey related was in the top 50. What’s even more sad is the the NFL Pro-Bowl was ranked in the 40’s! How in the world is the Pro-Bowl, a game that could possibly be canned because nobody cares about it, ranked above a NHL playoff game?! 

The last thing that scares me about the lockout, is that what if we lose some of our major players. Where would the NHL be with the Ovechkins, Crosbys, Malkins? Ha, what am I saying. 80% of the U.S. population don’t even know who they are! 

You know I’m gonna continue my rant again. Not a single major network covered the retirement of Niklas Lindstrom this off-season  Who? Exactly! Niklas Lindstrom is one of the greatest defensemen of all time who one the Norris Trophy 7 times. Does anyone know what the Norris Trophy is for? Don’t worry I’ll give you a second to go google it…………… Yes he was one of the best players of all time, and I bet half the people reading this don’t know who he is. 

I hope there is a abbreviated season, at least I can watch some games. But I will be one of the few that will return to the game of hockey. Is the possibility of the NHL being no more a reality? It scares me to say this, but yes, I could see the NHL disbanding.

This post was written as if it could appear on: Don’t Cross My Blue Line 



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