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MLB Instant Replay: Heating Up Again

Posted in Uncategorized by com360bu on October 25, 2012
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By Andrew Wasmund

It hasn’t been more then 3 weeks in to the playoffs and already their is talks about instant replay in MLB.  In last weeks ALDS game between the New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers their was what looked to be an easy call at second.  Nick Swisher threw a ball from right field to second baseman Robinson Cano to tag out a Detroit Tigers base runner.

At the time the call looked like a no brainer, the runner was tagged out well before he was even close to the bag.  The umpire making the call saw otherwise and he called the base runner safe.  Needless to say Yankees Skipper Joe Girardi was upset with the blatant miss call.  The missed call lead to a run scoring later in that inning and the Tigers ended up going on to win the game and moving on to the ALCS.

First off, their is the obvious change this year of being able to review home runs, but now their are talks about expanding it to fair and foul balls and possibly close plays on base paths.  Should MLB implement a new system of instant replay?  If they do they better take some time and get it right, because there would be nothing worse then sitting a 3 hour baseball game and having to sit threw another hour of instant replays during the came.

Is the umpire system we have right now, good enough the way it is.  MLB has had four man umpire crews for nearly a century and it has been working so far.  The human element of the game is the best part some people say.  Not to mention the games are won and lost on the field by players and managers, not by the umpires that call the game.

Although when you think about it it is the 21st century and we finally do have the technology we didn’t have in years past.  So is it possible that MLB will implement instant replay if it could be done in a timely manner.  If instant replay was brought in to the game how many times could a team review plays during the game.  Their are many questions that need to be answered before anything gets finalized.

Its is getting to the point now though that every missed call by an umpire is put under a microscope, analyzed a thousand times on ESPN and dissected.  MLB has made strides with the home run instant replays and so far fans haven’t made to much of a fuss.  It seems to be working, so what is next for furthering instant replay in MLB.

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