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Sweet tooth runner- an oxymoron? Not so much

Posted in Uncategorized by com360bu on October 25, 2012
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By Kelsey Budd
My two passions in life are candy and fitness.  That may seem contradicting, but I have found ways to combine them.  I usually eat skittles during periodically during exercise to give me a little extra boost.  A lot of people criticize me for it and say that I should find a different time to eat sweets, but I do it because it helps me get a little bit of energy without getting a full stomach. Everybody is different and chooses to eat different foods to fuel them and mine just so happens to be candy.  However, candy might be more helpful than most people think when it come to fueling the muscles for an intense workout.

What do you eat when you exercise?  If you didn’t answer “candy” you might want to reconsider. There are hundreds of different products invented specifically for marathon runners such as energy gels, drinks and bars.  These might be beneficial, but will cost you a fortune.  If you look at the ingredients a little closer, you can see that they do not significantly vary from the standard candy found at a convenient store. 

 Who ever thought that one of the oldest holiday candies could be the key to conquering a long run?  That’s right, I said “candy” and “run” in the same sentence.  The sugar coated marshmallow candy known as PEEPS could provide the energy needed to fuel a long distance run. So before your next race or workout, make sure you grab a pack of PEEPS to fuel you through the finish line.  If anyone questions you, just let them know that there five dollar GU gel is doing the same thing as your 50 cent pack of PEEPS. 

 Don’t believe that the sugary candy is the answer? Check it out at


 Taking it a bit further….

Apparently there are tons of people out there like me that love to exercise and love to indulge in junk food.  Usually these two interests are not combined, but the Krispy Kreme Challenge takes on a whole new perspective.  This race allows competitors to run, eat and run.  Thousands of people gather to run two miles, eat 12 donuts and run another two miles. Sounds like fun huh?  There’s nothing wrong with combining a good competitive race with 2,400 calories of sugary goodness.

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