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Late Night BU November 9, 2012

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By Andy Johnson

Bradley students came to the Markin Center for a night of fun activities for this month’s Late Night BU. There were many activities for the students to enjoy and student-athletes joined in for a chance to give them a face full of pie.


A glimpse into a college student’s life

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By Melissa Pierson

Marie Del Bosque is a junior at Bradley University, studying health science. She tells of all the things she does during the colder months, as a student and as a young adult. After filming for a time, Del Bosque took the camera home to share some feelings that she wouldn’t share anyways, showing a quick glimpse of her life.

Andrew Meier – Bradley Winter Happenings

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Bradley Winter Happenings, by Andrew Meier, talks about what students do in the colder months to have fun and stay entertained. This contains live interviews with students getting their ideas on what they do when the weather gets colder. The campus and quad are relatively quite this time of year, as activities are now done inside. Before, students would spend time in the Quad and be outside as much as possible, but now most students spend their time at Markin, or studying more in the library or even sleeping more than they use do, because there are less distractions.

Stuffed and Stumped

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by Jason Morash and John Porter
In this segment of COM 360 news, John and Jason ask Bradley students at Cullom-Davis Library about Thanksgiving. They first feed the students with easy questions about their plans for the holiday, then they ask harder trivia questions to test their knowledge about the pilgrims and such. Five students are interviewed and their answers are spontaneous and unscripted. Sit back and enjoy. Follow us on Twitter: @crashmorash and @jporterbu.

Give Back, Give Blood

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By Alexandra Hess
The Megan Fong Memorial Bone Marrow/Blood Drive was sponsored by the Bradley Athletics department (November 27th) from noon to 5 p.m.. Several people showed up to donate for different reasons. Six students were interviewed to show why they donate.

Bradley Braves Hockey

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The Bradley Braves Hockey season is in full swing and the team is gearing up for big games against their rival, Robert Morris University, this weekend.

I attended their practice on Monday night and interviewed senior hockey player David Kraus to find out how the season is looking for the team and get an inside scoop on the team dynamics.

Check out the Bradley University Hockey Schedule at

Late Night BU Harvest Festival

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By: Andrew Wasmund

The fourth installment of Bradley University’s late night BU took place November 9th and their were a wide variety of activities students participated in through out the entire night.

The Late Night BU happens one time every month and the event takes place in the Markin Recreation Center on Bradley University’s campus. Each month they have a different theme of late night BU and this November 9th it was a harvest festival theme. There was everything from pie in the face station, a live petting zoo, dancing, and food. The craziest thing is all these late night BU events are free of charge if you have your valid Bradley Student ID. So if you don’t know what a late night BU entails, take a look and you will know what to expect if you plan on going to the next late night BU on campus.

A look at the Sunday Basketball League

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By Danny Vernon

The Sunday Basketball League started five years ago with a collection of guys who just wanted to stay in shape and find something to do during the winter. The league has since blossomed from six to 14 teams and now includes a mix of old rec leaguers, old area high school stars, and even ex-Bradley Braves guard Daniel Ruffin.

Bradley’s quiet campus leaves big chill

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The air is silent. Benches are empty. Bikes are still. Even the wind is gone. It is the early weeks of winter, and Bradley’s campus appears lifeless. The occasional student passes in quiet procession. The ever-present squirrel is hoarding for winter, and soon he too will be a memory of warmer times. As the cold takes hold of campus, students move inside and activity is at a literal stand still. However, the opinions of cold months on campus vary at Bradley University as evidenced by Junior David Clemente and Senior Jon Gattone. No matter the opinion, the fact remains that activity on school campus seems as lifeless as the dead leaves that litter it

East Peoria Festival of Lights with a newcomer

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By: Ross Somerville
The East Peoria Festival of Lights has been a staple in the city of East Peoria for 28 years and attracts more and more tourists every year. I caught up with someone who is new to the Peoria area, and she is making her first visit to FOLEPI’s Winter wonderland in over 15 years. The Festival of lights is up until December 31 and is $10 for each car.

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