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Sample Post Helps Students on Final Projects

Posted in Uncategorized by com360bu on December 4, 2012
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by Sara Netzley

Students are preparing their final projects in COM 360, and this sample post will give them all an idea of how to structure their own work. This introductory paragraph should give the audience an idea of what to expect in the upcoming post, including the overarching topic and the individual components that make it up. The headline should apply to the project as a whole.

Print Story Headline Goes Here


The print story text goes here. On the drop down menu starting with Paragraph, the headline should be Heading 3. The paragraph text should be Paragraph.


Please be sure your story has proper paragraph breaks. In addition, the spacing may be strange around your headlines, and you might need to add additional spaces between paragraphs. Always use the preview button to see how everything looks before hitting publish.


Video Headline Goes Here


Any necessary context information for the video should go in a paragraph here.

Visual Element 1 Headline Goes Here


Any necessary context information for visual element 1 should go in a paragraph here. Please don’t forget that any graphics or timelines should be interactive. If you can’t program it to be interactive, then underneath the image that you create, you should indicate exactly what text would appear when you click/hover over each part of the graphic.

When viewers hover over the word murder: In 2011, the number of people murdered in the United States by gray kittens was 812. This is the highest murder rate for kittens of any color. The lowest kitten murder rate was for tortoiseshells, with 26.

Visual Element 2 Headline Goes Here


Any necessary context information for visual element 2 should go in a paragraph here, followed by the image. Do not forget that all video and images must be created by you; you may not use anyone else’s work.



When users click on the cat’s nose: Dr. Netzley is using funny photos from the Internet for demonstration purposes. If you use images that do not belong to you, you will be penalized. Your projects must all be your own original work.
Don’t forget to include links, when appropriate. Kitten 1 image available here. Kitten 2 image available here.
Finally, please don’t forget about this website that will allow you to make and embed truly interactive timelines.

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