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Bradley’s Valiant Effort Falls Short to #3 Michigan at Carver

The Bradley Braves lost to the Michigan Wolverines 74-66 on December 1 at Carver Arena.  Along with the fan’s perspective, is a video featuring senior Milos Knezevic talking about the expectations for the game and what needs to be done for a victory.  A podcast interview with The Voice of the Braves, Dave Snell, and an interactive Google map of the opponents Bradley and Michigan have played prior to the game is also included.

Braves Fans Create Great Atmosphere, Despite Loss to #3 Michigan

By Andy Johnson and Andrew Wasmund


Photo taken by Andy Johnson

PEORIA, Ill. – For fans, the Bradley-Michigan basketball game was something which got the Hilltop buzzing.  Though the Braves lost the game 74-66 to the Wolverines, the crowd remained excited through the end and the team left fans with a lasting impression.

Senior forward Will Egolf got the crowd to erupt after winning the opening tipoff and getting the day started.

“The atmosphere was very intense due to the high level of play the Braves played with,” said Drew Johnson, a sophomore marketing major at Bradley.  “They competed with the number three team in the nation up until the final buzzer so the students and crowd were very hyped up and energized throughout the whole game.”

Because Michigan, who had not yet played a true road game, came in as a highly recognized team, the athletic department was certain to get as many people to the game as possible.

“The athletic department did a good job spreading the word with emails and flyers throughout campus,” said Brent Drevalas, a sophomore sports communication major.  “I was well aware of the game as I believe all of campus was.”

Over 11,000 showed up for the game, the highest total for a home game in five seasons, and it was a first time for some attending a Braves basketball game.

“It was my first time at the arena and I was really impressed by the atmosphere,” Drevalas said.  “I had never been to a collegiate or NBA game so it was very unique for me.”

This game drew fans not only because of the Braves 5-1 start, but because the caliber of Michigan’s team and the potential to see superstar players.

“It was the biggest game on our schedule and a nationally recognized opponent with players who may end up in the NBA,” Johnson said.

When Bradley trailed Michigan at halftime by only four points, there were upset thoughts going through the minds of the fans.

“Honestly, I was shocked at the competitiveness that the Braves played at especially since we had a very poor record last year,” Johnson said.  “I also thought the team played with a lot of heart as well.”

The idea of a Michigan loss also came up during the end of the contest when the score was 70-65 in the final minute.

Drevalas said, “The fact that they were ranked third in the nation brought a special buzz and gave everyone that feel of, ‘What if we pull off the upset?’”

Bradley Forward Milos Knezevic’s Expectations for the Game


Interview with Dave Snell

For an interview with The Voice of the Braves, Dave Snell, click on the link below:

Interview with Dave Snell

Interaction Google Map

To see a Google map of where Bradley and Michigan have played so far this season, along with scores and write-up’s from the games, click the link below:

Bradley/Michigan Basketball Google Map


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