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Intramural Sports at Bradley University – The Insiders Guide

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By: Kendra Newlon & Andrew Meier

Intramural sports are a great way to stay active, hangout with friends, and have fun. Every student on campus can easily get involved and play. No matter what sport you are into, intramural sports has it and you can compete with others on campus. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into getting everything set up and ready for students. Nick Kramer (Assistant Director of Campus Recreation) is in charge of setting up all the sports, along with referees and those who run the time clocks for events. We have included interviews with the student referees and we get insight on what it is like to referee your peers. Intramural sports is a major part of Bradley University’s campus. Also included is a map outlining the different venues for which intramurals are held- beneficial to transfer students, freshman, or those who have never played intramurals before. This package provides insight for those who may have taken advantage of the hard work everyone puts forth in intramurals.

Behind the Scenes: Intramurals at Bradley University


PEORIA, Il. — When it comes to intramural sports, many see the hard work, team comradery, and the smell of sweat intramural athletes put in to a game. However, what we do not see is the hard work, team comradery, and the sweat that the directors of the intramural leagues put in to making these leagues so successful.

There is much hidden to the student eye as to what must happen in order for them to participate in intramural sports.

So why do these organizers do what they do?

“Being around sports has been a part of my life, so being able to run programs to give college kids an outlet and participate in sports that they enjoy, or even try new ones is what I like best about the job,” said Nick Kramer, Assistant Director of campus recreation

One thing that many students do not realize is the time and effort those that run the intramural leagues put into the sports themselves, such as training referees.

“We go through a rigorous series of training sessions; we do in classroom, on the field. We try to do a little bit of a scrimmage type so that way they can see what it is like to be on the field or court,” says Kramer.

But it’s not always an easy job. Kramer says that balancing schedules of students is one of the most difficult jobs – students come to college to earn a degree, yet they are bound by fraternity conflicts, school club schedules, and studying. Having the task of working out a basketball schedule, for example, that can comply with the majority of students is a challenging task.

Another difficulty is reserving spaces for these intramurals sports.  Many on campus facilities give first priority to intramurals, such as performance courts in the Markin Recreation Center and the fields at Meinen for Softball.

Where the directors of intramurals run into problems is for off campus intramurals, such as golf and bowling. Bradley University must create contracts with the park district. If certain fields or lanes aren’t open on the dates Bradley University needs, the directors must find alternate locations.

“It’s constantly fighting about trying to work out schedules that work for each party that creates a little bit of hassle,” says Kramer.

Kramer is trying to incorporate some new changes to intramurals that he hopes will boost attendance, especially for the female population, because females do not typically seek out sporting events, according to Kramer.

Students can look forward to possible new times for each sport next year, which will hopefully increase participation across the board.

“It’s a matter of trying to look at the time individual sports…and then going back to scheduling team sports around those dates so you don’t have conflicts,” says Kramer.

Kramer also said “on-the-fly” tournaments are on the minds of some directors. These tournaments will be spontaneous, with a week’s notice of an upcoming tournament that weekend. He believes this will give everyone more of an opportunity to participate in new or different sports than they have in the past.

Another idea to attract new participants is the ‘non sport’ sector of intramurals. A concept that is currently on the drawing board are inter-tube races in the pool – to try to get those who aren’t into sports involved in intramurals.

Kramer has been involved in intramural sports since he was a freshman in college at University of Nebraska, where he was a soccer referee. He credits his success to being patient and simply moving up the ladder – obtaining an internship at Arizona State University as a management intern at the Student Recreation Complex, and then moving to Bradley University.

Through the Eyes of the Zebra


Attend any basketball game; at some point we will hear a shout from the crowd “blow your whistle” or “get your eyes checked” towards the referee’s officiating the game. But what is it like when those referee’s are people sitting next to you in biology, or maybe another fraternity brother? In this video, we examine the hardships that student referees encounter while trying to partial to those they are refereeing.

Intramurals for a Fraternity Member


This is an interview with Brian Flemming, a sophomore at Bradley University, who is an active participant in intramurals. Brian explains why he does intramurals, the benefits he recieves, and the things he doesn’t really care for about intramurals. If you are thinking about joining an intramural team and want an opinion of a student, listen up!

Where art thou gym?


This is a map locating the different locations in which Bradley University hosts it’s intramural sports. You will find both on-campus and off-campus locations. We believe this map will be beneficial for those who are new to Bradley University, such as freshman and transfer students, but also for those who have never participated in intramural sports previously.


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