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Blackhawks streak comes to end, whats next?


By Tim Lahey

The Chicago Blackhawks impressive streak has finally ended. A recording setting streak that started the season; gone. After doing something that has never been done before in the history of the National Hockey League, the Chicago Blackhawks look onward. Where will it go from here? No one quite knows. 

Their streak was impressive to say the least. In a shortened NHL season plagued by the lockout, the Blackhawks never lost in regulation for the first half. They played 24 games only losing 3 games in a shootout with a record of 24-0-3.

After storming out of the gate, the Hawks have lost two straight regulation games. This is unlike the Hawks that we have known to love and cheer for, especially because they made us forget about the terrible lockout that could have destroyed the entire season, I digress.

These past two regulation losses haven’t really been close. In the loss to the Colorado Avalanche, Corey Crawford gave up five goals in the game and the Hawks fell 6-2. The very next game, against the Edmonton Oilers, Ray Emery gives up 3 goals in the first period alone. Joel Quenneville has seen enough.

In comes Crawford, the best goalie in the NHL going into the previous game. Immediately gives up another goal in the first leading to a four-goal period for the Oilers. The Hawks end up making a game in the next two periods, but ultimately fall 6-5.

So just how can the best team in the NHL for the first half of the season give up 12 goals in just two games? Crawford the best goalie statistically to start the year gave up 8 and the previously undefeated Emery gives up three. How can the only goalie in the history of the National Hockey League to start 10-0, Emery, just come out flat.

I’m not upset about the Hawks losing or the streak being broken. Unfortunately, the NHL went into a lockout for almost half the season causing a compacted schedule to be played. This is what upsets me. The players have to play so many games in proximity to each other that takes a toll on their body. To me, the fatigue is what has caused this two game slide, and after three days of rest I hope the problem is solved.

After winning 24 straight games, nothing should faze this Hawks team. They have all the confidence in the world to not keep losing games. Coming up, they play a team that only has ten wins all year. The Blackhawks BACKUP goalie has the same amount of wins as this entire team. Can they Hawks bounce back and regain their dominance? I sure hope so.

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