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Even Without Rose, Chicago is Still on the Winning Path

By Brad Gschwendtner

The Chicago Bulls are one of the most surprising teams in the league this year. Casual fans probably don’t realize, but the Bulls have done more with less this season then mostly all of the NBA. Most everyone who follows the NBA knows that Derrick Rose has been recovering from an acl tear he obtained during last year’s playoffs. This process is still going on and as far as I’m concerned, won’t end until next season. Rose has recently said that he really doesn’t know when he will return. Since there is no visible timetable for the former MVP of the league, the Bulls will have to go along without him. They really have done a good job so far too. So far, they are 35 – 28 and ranked fifth in the Eastern Conference.


Their roster is filled with players that aren’t supposed to be leaders of any team. Nate Robinson is their point guard. Sure, he won three dunk contests but he has never been a leader and his numbers aren’t even close to those of the superstar point guard Derrick Rose had. Robinson is getting 11.8 points a game with 4.2 assists. On a team with no real superstar, there is no way these numbers should be able to be effective. At the shooting guard spot there is Richard Hamilton. He brings championship experience from his time in Detroit, but that was in 2004. He is a lot older now and does not produce like he once did. This is expected with age, but he is starting and starting shooting guards need to be a serious threat on the offensive end.

Joakim Noah and Luol Deng are the teams only all star selections this year. Noah is averaging 12.1 points and 11.5 rebounds a game. Averaging a double-double is great for a center…however, a team with inexperienced guard play should have a dominant center (or post player in general) to counteract the deficiency. Luol Deng is the Bulls most effective scoring threat and demands attention from other teams. He is the most talented, but he only averages 16.2 points a game. If Lebron James had numbers like that, then the Heat would be in deep and they wouldn’t hear the end of it.

Carlos Boozer is a player that has underachieved since coming to the Bulls. The past two seasons, he has produced only 15.2 points per game. This was a big drop from the 20 he posted a few seasons ago with the Utah Jazz. He serves a good post presence but again isn’t really the dominant guy they really need.

All this being said, the Bulls still have a good record and are poised for a playoff push. I am extremely surprised and in awe of this at the same time. Any team that can just throw away their lone superstar and do work in the NBA really has a good team nucleus and shows how much chemistry they really have. Teams like this can win any night they play because they are committed to defense. If you keep the other team from scoring, you don’t have to do much to win ball games. This is the Chicago Bulls philosophy and so far it is working very well.

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