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Team does Complete 180 on Fans

Posted in Uncategorized by com360bu on March 14, 2013
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By: Miles Himmel

Corinthians are known as the “Big team” in their home country of Brazil. Having won the most championships in all competitions, this “futbol” team is one of most popular in the world. After winning the Copa Liberatadores, and then going on to defeat Chelsea, last year in the World Club Cup, Corinthians were on pace to have another successful run back. However, in their second Copa Libertadores game against, San Jose, Corinthian fans sent a flare into the rival fan section, killing a 14 year old boy.

The Brazilian team ended up winning that game putting them tied in first place in their group. The South American football confederation ended up fining the club $200,000 for their actions as well as putting a 60-day suspension on fans showing up for their games. This seems like the right thing to do, if your fan section kills someone, the team must pay the price. However, Corinthians were upset by Tijuana the following week, which hurt their chances of advancing to the next round. Fearing that the team with so much expectations may not make it, the South American Confederation has decided to reverse their decision and allow fans to watch the games.

What kind of punishment is that? The South American Confederation makes money when Corinthians advances to the next round, so in fear of losing money they just allow an innocent kid to be killed? We all know the reputation soccer fans have and it is evident as ever with this example. Because, of fear that Tijuana may again beat them you just allow fans back in, as if nothing ever happened. You can’t tell me that the Corinthian fans learned their lesson after one week of punishment. Imagine if something happens again? I don’t see why fans of other teams would want to go support their team when they play Corinthians, which is exactly what the team wants. FIFA, needs to step in and take control of this issue, but as we know there never one to show any intelligence.  To the South American Confederation I say, quit spoiling your child, just because is you’re favorite team doesn’t mean they get special privileges. The team needs to be punished as well as the fans and if it’s just a fine that the wealthy team has to pay, then no one is learning.

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