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Top 10 places to do lunch in Peoria

By Elise Dismer

Do you feel the need to taste the flavor of Peoria? Check out this list of 10 savory spots to go for lunch.

10) The Spotted Cow– This local diner should ring a bell for anyone living in the Peoria area. The cow-themed décor is very cute and gives the place that Midwestern charm. Also, the restaurant’s handmade ice cream will put you over the moon.

Price: $5-$10


718 W. Glen Ave.

Peoria, IL 61614


9) Burger Barge– This funky hole-in-the-wall restaurant is renowned for serving up the best burgers in town. Since it sits right on the river, the view is superb. And, if you’re inspired by the dining experience enough to decorate your napkin, they’ll hang your masterpiece on the wall.

Price: $5-$10


1401 N. Main St.

East Peoria, IL 61611


8) Le Peep– This restaurant is a wonderful place to go if you’re in le mood for some good brunch food with a cheeky French twist. Le Peep is known for its crepes and flavored coffee.  The atmosphere is cheery, often buzzing with people and the service is great.

Price: $5-$10


7501 N. University St.

Peoria, IL 61614‎


7) The Fox Pub and Café– If you’re looking for a home-cooked meal with a British flair, this English pub is spot on. The owners here are authentically British so you can bet the beer selection is cracking good.

Price: $10-$15


7800 N. Sommer St.

Suite 302

Peoria, IL 61615


6) HofbrauThis snug restaurant pub serves authentic German dishes. For lunch, there are free refills on soup and the sandwiches are top notch. The atmosphere is faithful to its German origins; there are also more than 25 imported German beers alone on the menu.

Price: $10-$20


2210 N.E. Jefferson Ave.

Peoria, IL 61603


5) Kelleher’s Irish Pub and Eatery– If you’d like a relaxing drink with your lunch warming up by the fire at a pub that overlooks the riverfront, this is the place for you. As the name implies, the pub serves Irish food like shepherd’s pie, pot roast and Fish n’ Chips. Perfect for connecting to your Irish roots.

Price: $5-$10


619 S.W. Water St.

Peoria, IL 61602


4) Rhythm Kitchen Music Cafe –This jazzy joint, located on the riverfront just beneath the Contemporary Art Center, has a very chill, underground vibe. The place makes all its food homemade, fresh and it’s well known for having live music, which usually plays in the evening.

Price:  $10-$15


305 S.W. Water St.

Peoria, Illinois 61602


3) Cyd’s Gourmet Kitchen– If you’re looking for dessert to go with your lunch, this gourmet kitchen serves high quality deli food and doubles as a bakery. (It’s known for its cupcakes.) The restaurant has a clean atmosphere with occasional live music. And if you want to try your hand at being a master chef, Cyd’s also offers cooking classes.

Price: $20-$30


5901 N. Prospect Rd.

Suite 5a

Peoria, IL 61614


2) Sushigawa– Seafood lovers of Peoria gush over the Japanese restaurant Sushigawa; hands down it has the best sushi in town. Nevertheless, the menu also provides those who prefer fishless foods with items such as grilled chicken and noodle dishes. On whole, the décor is fresh and modern and the service is good.

Price: $15-$25


2600 W. Lake Ave.

Peoria, IL 61615


1) One World Cafe– Enter into an artist’s dream and you’ll find One World. Every surface in this café is brimming with hand-painted murals; even the bathroom walls are covered in whimsical designs. As a result, the place has a distinctly artistic atmosphere. Nevertheless, the food is as pleasing to the mouth as the art is to the eye and the freshly baked desserts are a wonderful way to end a meal.

Price: $10-$20


1245 W. Main St.

Peoria, IL 61606

What restaurants made your list? Are there any I forgot? Let me know in a comment!

This post was written as if it could appear on the PJ Star blogs.



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  1. Erik said,

    Hofbrau is a #1. Mr. G’s? Love the place, but Kelleher’s food is meh. And of course, depending on the season – the food carts are the place to be downtown.

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