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World Baseball Classic Gets No Recognition in the US

Posted in Uncategorized by com360bu on March 14, 2013
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 By: Derek Sprout

The World Baseball Classic is a watered down version of soccer’s World Cup.  With the semifinal and championship rounds of the World Baseball Classic rapidly approaching no one is really giving it much love, in the United States at least.

The United States best pitchers opted out of their roster spots.  Justin Verlander, Jered Weaver, David Price, Clayton Kershaw and Matt Cain all took a pass on the World Baseball Classic.  It’s hard to say your putting your best team on the field when you leave three Cy Young winners at home.

I’d say the World Baseball Classic is hardest on pitchers and catchers.  They already have it rough enough through the grind of a 162 game schedule.  That’s probably why NL MVP Buster Posey decided to forgo the WBC and stick to spring training after winning the World Series last October.

Baseball players have internal clocks and like to be on a normal regimen.  So the World Baseball Classic is making player deviate outside that normal spring training environment.  Pitchers and position players playing in the World Baseball Classic are over exhorting their bodies more than they are used to at this point in the season.

This could leave them more apt to injuries later in the year, when they are actually playing for the team that’s paying them.  I’m all for playing and representing your country, but these players should be with their teams at spring training.

Quite possibly American fans don’t care about the World Baseball Classic because of the United States poor performance in the previous two tournaments.  I’m a die heart baseball fan but I really could care less which country wins this watered down World Baseball Classic.

I feel like in soccer it’s globally more of a big deal.  Maybe if they expanded the tournament to more nations then it would get that World Cup feel.   Yes, they have expanded the World Baseball Classic from its last tournament in 2009, so perhaps their ultimate goal is to give it the global atmosphere of the World Cup.

But as of right now, I think the World Baseball Classic is going more harm to the game than good.

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