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Nike Revamping its Golf Image! Ad Analysis.

Posted in Uncategorized by com360bu on March 21, 2013
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By William Mosher


When dissecting a commercial that really stuck with me would undoubtedly be the Nike commercial featuring Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy: No Cup is Safe. Looking at the brand Nike it is truly a steadfast brand that can hold its own. With the recent cloud above Tiger Woods head Nike advertisers needed a way to help win their key spokes person back in both relevance as well as character.


The Target audience is any male between the ages of 16-60. This has such a large audience because of the sport and how Rory captures the younger market and Tiger can cover an older demographic. With this effective ad I feel that they can truly capture this huge age gape and maybe more considering how well these players are known in the golfing world.


The intended out come of this ad is to help create sales but the underlying meaning is to help makes Nike’s golf image back to pristine. The ad is very well structured because it shows a clean purpose that imprints its self on the viewers. It does this by showing the top two golfers of all time battling it out in a fun unique way. At the ending of the commercial it adds the humor with Tiger sinking a ball into Rory’s drink cup. This can be well related to the audience because Rory a much younger player asked, Tiger a much seasoned veteran how he did it. This adds huge appeal to the older demographic, but yet does not hinder the younger generation’s perception of the commercial. However this ad goes far beyond a normal ad because I feel it helps shape the character of Nike and Tiger back to a more favorable stand point as well as promotes their great product line.

Note: This Blog was designed to give a description into the behind the scenes working of Nike’s golfing advertisement strategies.


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