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Heads Off to the Queen of France

By Vickie Berkow

Welcome to Modern History, a podcast that reviews some of history’s greatest people, events and moments and reflects on them with modern influences.  Each week, the podcast covers an interesting figure or story in history, reviewing details and sharing some little-known facts.  The histories range from the Renaissance to modern history, from Europe to Australia to America, from peasants to poets to princes.  This blog hopes to satisfy the needs of history nerds in the mood for a quick biographical pick-me-up, but to also help draw connections from our past to the present for more contemporary audiences.

In this episode, I explore one of the world’s most infamous queens, Marie Antoinette.  She left a bad reputation behind for her extravagant hair styles and scandalous affairs in the court, but was the queen really as horrible as the French people made her out to be?  Historians have gathered evidence that shows Marie Antoinette was more a victim than a dictator – so why was her legacy a plagued one?   Find out in this week’s episode:

For additional articles on Marie Antoinette, check out the following historians’ work:

  • Nancy Barker’s take on the “Let Them Eat Cake” myth
  • Elizabeth Colwill explains Marie Antoinette’s relationship with newspapers
  • Desmond Hosford describes the queen’s outrageous hair styles
  • Thomas Kaiser looks into the royal nursery’s scandals
  • Pierre Saint-Amand dives into the media and terror 

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