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Young Writers’ Workshop- Jacob’s excerpt from “Lost and Searching in America”

By Jacob Terranova

Young Writers’ Workshop- Episode 1- Jacob Presents

The Young Writers’ Workshop is a podcast that invites young writers, novelists, poets, and anyone writing creatively to read and showcase their work. Each week an individual is given the chance the discuss some of their work, what makes them write, their inspiration, and even gives them the opportunity to read an excerpt of their current work. The target audience would be fellow writers or anyone interested in looking for something new to read. 

This week’s episode features me talking a little bit  about the novel I am working on, which is tentatively titled Lost and Searching in America. The novel focuses on a young man in the Midwest who works in the auto industry, and eventually begins to look for more meaning in his life. Here is a link to my blog “Sydney was a Jackal.” The blog features more of my writing and projects.


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