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Bradley’s Ever Changing Look

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by Jenny Sharron

It seems Bradley University is constantly under renovations in an attempt to stay up with the times. Although it may seem bother to the students that have to make a detour around the construction, it is for their benefit. There may not be any construction present, but some of the departments are getting makeovers to improve the futures and their longevity at the University.

Bradley’s New Groove

For the Bradley University graduating class of 2013, there has not been a single year that there has not been some sort of construction going on within the campus.  In order to keep the campus update and accommodate the learning environments of students, the university has found itself constantly renovating different aspects of the campus.

In April 1897, Lydia Moss Bradley broke ground for Bradley Hall, which would be the only academic building for the university until construction of the Horology Hall was completed. In the timespan between the ground breaking in 1897 to the renaming of institution to Bradley University, the campus continued to grow on its 17.5 acres.

The most currently completed project, Westlake Hall formerly named the Horology Hall, reopened to faculty and students the fall of 2012. Westlake Hall is the home of the Education department.  During the time of renovations, the department was relocated to a Campustown location.  Many students are glad to have Westlake up and running.

“I feel so much safer now that my education classes are on campus again,” said Stephanie Hawkins, sophomore Special Education major. “I always had to leave 10 minutes earlier to get to class. When I had night classes or early evening classes that got out after dark, I never felt safe walking back by myself. It’s so much nicer being able to get to class in a three minute walk.”

Currently going through renovation is the Heuser Art Center and the department it houses. At the end of last year the photography department welcomed a new chairperson, Margaret Lejeune.  Since taking over as department chair, Lejeune has been swift and persistent about improving the department as a whole.

As a Bradley graduate, part time faculty member Joel Steger has seen how Heuser has developed over the years.

“It is the same building and facility which so much more was promised when Becker built it the year before I came to Bradley,” Steger said. “We are still cramped and need to expand to expand the program. We use to have the communications majors fighting for space, so the addition of the GCC helps.”

Over the past academic year the hard work of Lejeune has been noticed by faculty and students.

“She has really transformed the department a lot,” Krysta Schauer photography major said. “She’s gotten a bunch of new equipment, she takes us on interesting trips that will further our education in photography, she’s really helpful, and her critiques are really constructive.”

It may be a remodel that requires no construction cones and heavy equipment, but it is one that is necessary to better the futures of the photography students. Although the semester is coming to a close, the faculty will be hard at work to better the programs that call Heuser Art Center home.

Photography Students Enthusiastic For Future of Program

Bradley University photography students speak on their enthusiasm for the future of the program and the Heuser Art Center.

A Look At Bradley Over The Years

A brief timeline overviewing the renovations of Bradley University.

The Cost To Have a Photography Program

Although many may think it is just for fun, the cost of having a photography department can add up quite quickly. Check out the slideshow to see equipment commonly used by the students and staff and how much it really costs.



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