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The Effects Of Video Game On Society

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by: William Mosher

Video games are were we find our paradise we can get away from troubling parts of the world. This is an in depth look into how video games are addicting and the cause of many deaths, break ups, and abuse that is becoming more frequent accost the world.



Craft beer in America

By Sam D’Anna & Nate Poths

The craft beer business is booming in the US right now. Learn all about it as you read our feature. Inside you will find a print story about craft beer and college students, a video with insights from a local connoisseur, a timeline that shows a rise in number of breweries in the US, and a Google Map of some breweries that are a must see throughout the scenic Rocky Mountains.

Wedding Season Bliss: Planning the Big Day

By: Jessica Mayo and Jacob Terranova

This time of the year is the busiest time for weddings. With wedding season between the months of May and September, many couples are getting ready for their big day. There are a number of things to consider including: hiring a wedding planner, finding the right ceremony and reception venues, hiring a DJ, caterer, photographer, florists, and of course, picking out the wedding dress. Here is a helpful guide on how to maneuver wedding season.


Bradley Baseball Players Prepared for Summer Ball

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By: Greg Partyka and Derek Sprout

Peoria, IL—As the Bradley University season is coming to a close, baseball does not end for the majority of its players until August.  19 of Bradley’s returning players will be continuing on to summer baseball.

“Summer ball is a great time to become a better baseball player,” said junior infielder Eric Paulson.  “It is a great opportunity to meet new people as well as play games against players from all around the country.”  Paulson will be spending the next few months playing in the Beach League in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

There are many summer leagues all around the country, from the Alaskan League to the Coastal Plains League in the southeast United States.  Most of these leagues use wood bats rather than the aluminum bats that players use when competing for their schools.  Playing during the summer offers athletes more of a chance to gain exposure from professional scouts, as well as baseball specific websites such as Baseball America and Prep Baseball Report.  The leagues vary in competition level but the overall consensus is that the best and most prestigious league is the Cape Cod League.  The Braves will have two representatives in this League with sophomore outfielder Max Murphy and freshman pitcher Brent Stong playing for the Falmouth Commodores.

“Getting the chance to play in the Cape is the opportunity of a lifetime,” says Murphy who has already gained attention from Major League teams.  “I am excited to play against some of the best college players in the country.”

Summer baseball offers college athletes the chance to understand the grind of a professional schedule.  Games are played almost every day and often come with long bus rides.  However the summer season is much more laid-back than the school season.

“Summer ball is definitely a grind,” explains sophomore outfielder Isaac Smith.  “It’s not really as intense as the Bradley season is though.  During the school year it is tough sometimes to juggle baseball and class but during the summer all I have to worry about is baseball.  All I do every day is workout in the morning and play a game in the evening.  It’s nice not having to worry about anything else.”

The Bradley Braves currently have seven games left in their regular season and then will compete in the Missouri Valley Conference tournament starting on May, 21.  If the Braves win the tournament their season will continue in the NCAA tournament but as soon as their season ends, players will be off to their respective teams.  You can check on how each member of the Braves are playing during their summer season by going to

Check out how the Braves will be preparing for next season here.

Here’s a look at Steve Adkins road to recovery after a successful Tommy John Surgery:

Take a look at Eric Paulson’s summer baseball journey.

Bradley’s Ever Changing Look

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by Jenny Sharron

It seems Bradley University is constantly under renovations in an attempt to stay up with the times. Although it may seem bother to the students that have to make a detour around the construction, it is for their benefit. There may not be any construction present, but some of the departments are getting makeovers to improve the futures and their longevity at the University. (more…)

CFA – College Full of Adjuncts

By Lee Pikelny

In Bradley University’s Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts, part-time faculty members, or adjuncts, have been called on to teach students various skills for different fields. Each department – Art, Communication, Interactive Media, Music and Theatre Arts – has its own set of adjuncts, with some being utilized differently than others. We’ll see how various staff members came to Bradley, look at the different courses they teach, and hear a student’s take on his experience with the part-time crew.


The Art of Underage Drinking

By Evan Wixom

Bradley University is known for its academic strength, but is also known for something you probably won’t find in any publication: Bradley’s party scene. And the drinking. And the frats. Oh god, the frats. I attempt to delve into the underworld of drinking on campus, if it’s a problem and if Bradley is really any that much different than any other college. (more…)

Geno Ford: Bringing Success Back to the Hilltop

by: Jonathan Teich and Brad Gschwendtner

Bradley Basketball is one of the most historic programs in all of college basketball. But prior, to Geno Ford’s hiring in the Spring of 2011 the state of the team was on the decline. But after year two as the head coach, the team has already seen more success. Ford appears to have the program back on the right track, and plans on bringing it back to its winning ways soon.


Social Media #takingover

By: Hollie Huntley

From the creation of social media education to the way it impacts our relationships, social media is changing our world. This print story is focused on the construction of the social media marketing program at Bradley University as well as how social media is used in the workplace. The video story features a Bradley student talking about how social media had impacted her relationships. Two online components include a timeline of the social media history and an interactive graphic with facts about social media usage around the world.


Universe realigns in Peoria

By Elise Dismer

What’s shaking up the cosmos in Peoria, Illinois? Find out why Peoria’s planets must find new homes.


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