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Bradley’s Ever Changing Look

Posted in Uncategorized by com360bu on May 13, 2013
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by Jenny Sharron

It seems Bradley University is constantly under renovations in an attempt to stay up with the times. Although it may seem bother to the students that have to make a detour around the construction, it is for their benefit. There may not be any construction present, but some of the departments are getting makeovers to improve the futures and their longevity at the University. (more…)


CFA – College Full of Adjuncts

By Lee Pikelny

In Bradley University’s Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts, part-time faculty members, or adjuncts, have been called on to teach students various skills for different fields. Each department – Art, Communication, Interactive Media, Music and Theatre Arts – has its own set of adjuncts, with some being utilized differently than others. We’ll see how various staff members came to Bradley, look at the different courses they teach, and hear a student’s take on his experience with the part-time crew.


This professor doesn’t go buy the book

By Elise Dismer
Professor Beth Linn decided to teach bookmaking at Bradley University after learning the art during her sabbatical in New York over 20 years ago. Take a peek inside her life as a bookmaker to see what kinds of creations you thought you could only find at Barnes & Noble.