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Bradley’s Ever Changing Look

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by Jenny Sharron

It seems Bradley University is constantly under renovations in an attempt to stay up with the times. Although it may seem bother to the students that have to make a detour around the construction, it is for their benefit. There may not be any construction present, but some of the departments are getting makeovers to improve the futures and their longevity at the University. (more…)


CFA – College Full of Adjuncts

By Lee Pikelny

In Bradley University’s Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts, part-time faculty members, or adjuncts, have been called on to teach students various skills for different fields. Each department – Art, Communication, Interactive Media, Music and Theatre Arts – has its own set of adjuncts, with some being utilized differently than others. We’ll see how various staff members came to Bradley, look at the different courses they teach, and hear a student’s take on his experience with the part-time crew.


The Art of Underage Drinking

By Evan Wixom

Bradley University is known for its academic strength, but is also known for something you probably won’t find in any publication: Bradley’s party scene. And the drinking. And the frats. Oh god, the frats. I attempt to delve into the underworld of drinking on campus, if it’s a problem and if Bradley is really any that much different than any other college. (more…)

Social Media #takingover

By: Hollie Huntley

From the creation of social media education to the way it impacts our relationships, social media is changing our world. This print story is focused on the construction of the social media marketing program at Bradley University as well as how social media is used in the workplace. The video story features a Bradley student talking about how social media had impacted her relationships. Two online components include a timeline of the social media history and an interactive graphic with facts about social media usage around the world.


Universe realigns in Peoria

By Elise Dismer

What’s shaking up the cosmos in Peoria, Illinois? Find out why Peoria’s planets must find new homes.


Gargoyles, grotesques and Gothic guardians, oh my!

by Vickie Berkow

You can’t visit Europe without seeing one. They can be spotted up high, tucked away behind pillars and stained glass windows, peering down on the scene below. Gargoyles have been an integral part of Gothic architecture in European cathedrals since the medieval period, but they have also been found worldwide, dating back to ancient Egypt. So how did these creatures, particularly grotesques, make their way to Bradley University’s campus? Find out why the guardians are here, what impact they have made on Bradley’s culture and learn more about other gargoyles across the globe. (more…)

Success Lacking on the Hilltop in Bradley Athletics

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by Tim Lahey and Miles Himmel

Bradley Athletics have had a long tradition of winning in athletics, but are in a bit of a slump recently. In this article, the current state of the Athletic department is looked at and their goals to improve. In the video,  Athletic Director Dr. Michael Cross, talks about the future of Bradley sports. Kirk Wessler and Dave Reynolds of the Peoria Journal Star, sat down during this weeks podcast and gave their views on the past and what they think the future could hold. Examining the past four years, the women’s basketball team was the only team sport in the athletic department that boasted a .500 winning percentage or better.


Women in Science: Making progress or standing still?

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Women in Science: Making progress or standing still?

By Jenny Sharron

Dr. Mary Wyer visits Bradley University to discuss women in science and the progress they have made throughout the years.

“Refuse to Choose: Reclaiming Feminism”

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By Samantha D’Anna

Sally Winn, Vice President of Feminists for Life, explains why she believes women deserve better than abortion in her presentation “Refuse to Choose: Reclaiming Feminism.”


Jenifer Mackby’s Presentation Retweeted “Nuclear Disarmament”

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