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Universe realigns in Peoria

By Elise Dismer

What’s shaking up the cosmos in Peoria, Illinois? Find out why Peoria’s planets must find new homes.



Bradley University Taking Advantage of the Gorgeous Weather

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By: Jonathan Teich

The weather has finally gotten better and Bradley students are taking full advantage of the opportunity. Olin Quad was packed in various activities to pass the time. I got to interview a few Bradley Students about their favorite things about hanging out on the quad.

Feels like Spring

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By Nate Poths

The weather has been significantly nicer this week and students at Bradley University have noticed. See how many people are coming out to spend time in the sun while Emily Wolfe, a business major from BU talks about the weather. 

Bradley students enjoy seasonably warm weather

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By Evan Wixom

Bradley student Becky Mayans enjoys a day out on the quad, although she admits sweatpants were a a bad choice.

Spring is in the Air on Olin Quad

By: Hollie Huntley

Spring is in the air in Central Illinois, especially on Bradley University’s campus. Students enjoy the capability to leave their dorm room and spend the afternoon on Olin Quad.

Bradley Students Wag into Spring

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By Samantha D’Anna

Students and their dogs welcome the warm weather by spending time at the Laura Bradley Dog park near campus. Visit for directions and more information about the dog park.

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Fun in the Sun at Peoria Chiefs Stadium

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By Lee Pikelny

Spring is here, and so is Peoria Chiefs baseball! Fans of all ages are once again able to come out to the park and enjoy some fun in the sun.

Jacob’s Favorite Restuarants

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by Jacob Terranova

Top three restaurants in the Peoria area, based off of specials.

1. One World

2. Lorena’s

3. Jalapenos

Spring Break Trip 2013

By Samantha D’Anna


On this map you will find our Spring Break trip 2013 which included Metropolis, IL, Nashville, TN, and Panama City Beach, FL.

This professor doesn’t go buy the book

By Elise Dismer
Professor Beth Linn decided to teach bookmaking at Bradley University after learning the art during her sabbatical in New York over 20 years ago. Take a peek inside her life as a bookmaker to see what kinds of creations you thought you could only find at Barnes & Noble.

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