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Bradley Chorale to tour Denmark this month

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by Sarah Garfinkel

The Bradley University Chorale and Chamber Singers will tour for 10 days in Denmark later this month. The groups will sing four concerts and sightsee in their free-time.


Whatever It Takes: Rosa Now Catching For Chiefs

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The life of a minor league baseball player is a road full of ups and downs and unexpected turns. The Peoria Chief’s Jovan Rosa short professional career has been filled with movement whether it being promoted and demoted within the organization or changing fielding positions. His latest adventure takes him behind the plate as a catcher.

This time line shows Rosa’s movement within the Chicago Cubs organization. If I was proficient with Flash, I would link each move to pictures and statistics of his time with each team season by season.

How is life after the Tiger Woods scandal?

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With most of his corporate sponsors sticking by him and galleries treating him well, the worst seems to be behind Tiger Woods after his November car accident and ensuing sex scandal.  Take a look at how his image has suffered in the eyes of some locals in the video below.

Ryan Phelan – Final Project_cookouts

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Bradley students enjoy barbequing with sights of summer ahead

With summer on the horizon and school almost over, Bradley students take initiative to get outside and enjoy some good weather and even better food.

Local Blackhawks fans support team in push for cup

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Bradley University students are in full hockey playoff mode.  Despite the difficulties of being a Hawks fan outside of Chicago, these students have made sure not to miss a single game.

Adam Bockler’s Final Project: Marijuana Use Among High School Students

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Bradley students survive zombie outbreak on campus – Erik Johnson

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Students were pitted against each other in a desperate battle for survival during the school’s second annual game of Humans vs. Zombies, a student-run phenomenon that’s taking the nation by storm. Unfortunately, the game was called short after a zombie was arrested on charges that, surprisingly, didn’t relate to cannibalism.

For a timeline of the outbreak, click here!

The above timeline would be made more interactive by showing multiple pictures of the events being described that would enlarge when clicked on, but I don’t have the first idea how to actually make it do that. I also couldn’t get it to actually show a smaller image of the timeline, but that would be there.

Erik Johnson talked to students about the game and their favorite moments.

CJohnson Final Project

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5 Things to do When Considering Pet Adoption

Adding a member to the family can be stressful and difficult so Angela Blackman, the Executive Director at Tazwell Animal Protective Society, suggests that people looking to adopt a pet need to assess their income levels and lifestyles honestly, do their homework when researching breeds, selecting a pet that works with their family and lifestyle, recognize the time commitment they will have to make to their pet and to be realistic when adopting.

YouTube Link:

Online Extra

Checklist Calculator that adds up the cost of adopting a pet

ü  Adoption Fee (1 time)

ü  Neutering (1 time)

ü  Kennel (1 time)

ü  Shots Needed (yearly)

ü  Food (1 years worth)

ü  Babysitting when out of town (insert approximate number of days per year)

ü  Vet check-ups (yearly)

ü  Training classes (1 time)

The calculator will produce two costs.  One will be an a cost of adopting a pet the first year, and the second will be the amount of money spent in subsequent years (if the pet remains healthy.

Alcohol Action Plan – Brian Hyken

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The Bradley Alcohol Action plan was created in 2008 and has been unpopular among students since then.  After some careful studies it has shown that underage drinking tickets have not increased drastically since the plan was created.

Above is a graph showing the underage drinking tickets issued over the last eight semesters.  The information was gathered by the Bradley Police department and includes underage drinking tickets issued by Bradley Police or the State Police (Task Force).  If I had the ability to make this graph interactive, I would make it so the viewer could click on each year and a breakdown of the tickets would pop up.  I would break the drinking tickets down by year in school (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior).  I could also break the information down to whether the tickets were issued by Bradley Police or the State Task force.

Interviewed in the video are Dan Eckert, ’10, Kevin McLelland, ’11, and Peter Stephan, ’10.  I asked them to talk about their feelings on the alcohol action plan and whether or not they feel it is fair to all students.  Eckert has been a member of HEAT for four years and was an ARA and RA in the dorms.

Jeff De Chavez- COM 360 Final Project

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Bradley Greeks brings university together through philanthropies

The Bradley Greek population has always been synonymous with a negative image, but what others don’t see is what the Greeks give back to the campus and the community. Through philanthropies, the fraternities and sororities are able to host events where the whole campus can participate and the proceeds go to an organization to help others in dire assistance.

Lambda Chi Alpha presents Bust-a-Move for their annual Spring philanthropy

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